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door SUN Peilin
Acupunctuur - TCM

    • Acupunctuur - TCM
  • Auteur(s):SUN Peilin
  • Categorie:Acupunctuur – TCM
  • Publicatie:2012-04-23
  • Pagina’s:560
  • Afwerking:Hard Cover
  • ISBN:9789080426528
  • Formaat:17X24
  • Verkoopprijs:€ 89.95

Sports medicine in TCM is actually a crystallization of all branches of TCM. It is the combination of movement and quietness, the principle of TCM and the essential core of Taoism.

This text gives a thorough and analytical review of physiology, pathology, diagnostic features and treatment procedures with Chinese herbs and acupuncture in sports medicine in TCM. This book aims to provide comprehensive information for both beginning and advanced practitioners of TCM to deal with the most common complaints and injuries in sports medicine in TCM.


  • Emphasizes harmonization of Zang-Fu organs, inter-connection of Five Elements, balance of Qi, Blood and Body Fluid, stabilization of emotional states and consolidation of constitutional conditions in the context of sports medicine in TCM.
  • Clear discussion of the aetiologies and pathologies as well as treatment for most sport-related complaints and injuries.
  • Deals comprehensively with treatment by Chinese herbal procedure as well as acupuncture approaches.
  • Provides some useful modifications in each pattern of treatment.
  • Illustrations of TCM sport nutrition and diet.

About the author

Dr SUN Peilin has been actively practising and teaching TCM for more than 30 years since his graduation in 1981 in China. He has also been very busy writing various books in TCM. He lectures in many countries, his destination being to promote classic TCM .